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  • Click an image in below journal list, which brings you back to the original gallery.
  • Click "My Media Gallery" link on left side, you will be navigated to a new page with UMG-SocialDigger module, which displays all media uploaded by this user
  • When use UMG-SocialDigger in a social group profile page, it displays all media uploaded by members of current group.

MattM1121replied to: RE: MP4 requires full download to play.

I found that the MP4 files' metadata was at the end of the file. Anyone know if there are tools that will actually show that? I found MetadataMover he...


MattM1121created the topic: MP4 requires full download to play.

Greetings, I have an MP4 file that will buffer properly if I embed it in an HTML module. However, when it's added to a UMG module it has to downloa...


MattM1121created the topic: Import sub diretories into UMG albums.

How do you import a thousand files that are spread out over multiple sub directories?


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