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John Gcreated the topic: Deleted FlexEvent calendar was an Sub Calender

A FlexEvent calendar was deleted that was assigned to two other FlexEvent calendars as a Sub Calendar. We were able to restore the page and the delet...


John Greplied to: RE: Max Categories:?

Any movement ion this request? This is the Max Categories in the Flex Event module.


John Greplied to: RE: Hyperlinks in Event Description?

The toolbar is not viable when logged in as an Admin. The Content Manager has a small basic toolbar and a Host has the entire Toolbar set. Is this som...


John Gcreated the topic: Max Categories:?

On the Event setup, what is the file to mod the Max Categories from 5?


John Gcreated the topic: Hyperlinks in Event Description?

Is there a way to put a hyperlink in the event description?


John Gcreated the topic: Share Locations?

When the Share Locations in the setup is selected it doesn't seem to work. Is there something that need to be done with permissions?


John Gcreated the topic: Add Formatting To Event Discription

How do you add Color to text on the event description?


John Gcreated the topic: Disoplay Error

On a pages where a Flex Events module AND the FreeEventList module are displayed, when you select one of the months on Flex Events the FreeEventList i...


John Gcreated the topic: ERRROR: 400 - String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

In the Event module when the first number of the date is entered in the Start Date / Tim field you receive this error "400 - String was not recognized...


John Gcreated the topic: How to increase Number Of Event Modules assigned to a XModuleBrowswer?

How can you increase the number of Event Modules assigned to a XModuleBrowswer? The limit seems to be 5.


John Gcreated the topic: Import Events from Excel worksheeeT

Is it possible to import event from an Excel worksheet/CSV file?


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