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Dougcreated the topic: Custom URL not updating when event name is changed

Initially the custom URL is set from the name of the event. However, I'm finding that if you update/change the name of the event the custom url is no...


Dougcreated the topic: Locations

I have a situation where we want to set up an event for a virtual conference. However, the location only supports real locations. We need the abilit...


Dougreplied to: RE: Booking marked as not paid w/PayPal

I just looked, and I don't see any recent files. The last files it shows are from the last event we had which was last year.


Dougcreated the topic: Booking marked as not paid w/PayPal

I now this has come up before. the paypal id in the module is the same that is set up as the primary in the paypal account. We receive payment but t...


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