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50Bubblescreated the topic: Can't delete event(s)

Can't delete events


50Bubblescreated the topic: Can't add locations

I can't add a location


50Bubblescreated the topic: Upgrade

I've sent you an email via contact us but I never seem to get a response so I'll try here. I've purchased 4 portal licenses. I was hoping I could get ...


50Bubblescreated the topic: Upgrade 2.04 to 2.08 Failed

I just updated 2.04 to 2.08 (to resolve one of the issues I was having. I'm on DNN 8.0.2 The update seem to run fine. Now the event module is re...


50Bubblescreated the topic: Event crossing over two months doesn't show up

I emailed you with no response. Site: Problem: Event setup for Sept. 29 - Oct 2 doesn't show up on t...


50Bubblescreated the topic: Google MAPS Failure

Failure to load Google MAPS correctly - Error


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