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Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Link to list of events by category

There is a sub-module within this module that can do this: FXE-FreeEventList I use this to post on a page for a specific category.


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: filter event categories based upon url

You can do this with the FXE-FreeEventList sub-module.


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Bookings are disappearing!!!

Some bookings disappear randomly. It happens to unpaid bookings; I have not seen it happen to any paid bookings.


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Redirect After Booking

Hi, Would you consider adding the ability to have a custom re-direct for each event after a booking is made? This would be a VERY good feature! ...


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Private Event

Couldn't you just do this with a hidden page on your site with a separate instance of this module? You could make the link anything you want; it could...


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Email notification of registered attendees

When you create or edit an event there is an Email field in the Other Options section. Whatever email I put here gets a notification for every booking...


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Add event fails

Hi, I hope SUPPORT responds quickly! I have the same problem and asked it on Oct 22 here:


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Add Event stopped working after upgrade to 2.0.8

I just upgraded to 2.0.8 and now I get this error when I click "add Event" Here is the event log item after i click "Add Event" AbsoluteURL:/Defau...


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Can custom fields be selectable per event?

What about the custom fields for bookings? (when someone fills out the registration form)


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Can custom fields be selectable per event?

***bump*** Anyway to do this OR if not can you consider adding it?


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Can custom fields be selectable per event?

Is there any way to only show custom fields on certain events? Not all custom fields apply to all events so I need to have a way to NOT show them on c...


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Please Add Stripe

I would like to request that in a future build you add Stripe


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Excel view for bookings not working

Perfect! That fixed it.


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Excel view for bookings not working

When viewing bookings, I click on Excel Version and get this error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'EPPlus, V...


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Please Add Edit From Details Page

Awesome! Thanks!


Josiah Olhavareplied to: RE: Request: Text Templates Per Portal

If the above request is is too large for a simple implementation, then please consider adding some tokens to the email templates. This token is ava...


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Request: Text Templates Per Portal

Please make the templates editable per portal so different sites on the same DNN instance can be more customized within this module. Thanks!


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Big Problem - All Bookings for an Event are GONE!

In Managing Bookings for an event - I had a MAJOR problem today when all of a sudden the four bookings I had on an event disappeared! All four gone! T...


Josiah Olhavacreated the topic: Issues With Manage Bookings

There are some usability issues with "Manage Bookings" that I would like to suggest some changes for. 1. The initial view shows: Booked Events (def...


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