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Subject: Selling Video Downloads
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Patrick Brown
Bronze Member

12/15/2011 10:54 AM  
Is it possible to sell videos with UVG 4? I am not interested in a subscription service to view videos online. However, I would like to use other features of UVG such as the conversion and video management features.
If selling downloadable videos is not possible in UVG, is it possible with UMG and can the integration between the 2 offer features such as populating the UVG_WatchHistory module with something like a 'DownloadHistory'?

If this is not possible, is there a 3rd party module that you would suggest that might offer this capability which integrates with UVG?

I am guessing that if I purchase the source code, I could implement this functionality? I welcome any opinion on the difficulty of changing the code base to offer this feature or if this has already been done as an extention to UVG by a VAR, who is the VAR?

Pengtsen R

12/20/2011 8:18 AM  
I don't think it can be done by integrating UMG+UVG or some 3rd party modules.

Based on the feedback from our clients, our source code is very neat and easy to understand, so you can consider this option.


Pengtsen R
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