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Subject: Where are you hosting Ultra Video Gallery?
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Herb Benton
Silver Member

11/17/2009 8:44 PM  
Quick questions about where you are hosting your DNN site with UVG installed...

- Where are you hosting your instance of UVG?

- Is the hosting environment a shared environment, VPS, or dedicated server?

- How many users do you have uploading in a day?

- What is the average size of the file being uploaded?

- How many simultaneous uploads can your hosting solution handle?

- How many simultaneous video viewings can your hosting solution handle?

I currently have my site hosted with WebHost4Life, not worth it in the shared or VPS environment. WebHost4Life only recommends the dedicated server environment for use with UVG.

I need a hosting provider that can deliver quality service and support, your input will be greatly appreciated.

Pengtsen R

11/18/2009 7:47 AM  
1, (and so do UVG) is hosted in powerdnn.
2, shared
3, well, normally we don't upload videos, these videos are uploaded as sample videos when we publish UVG 3.
4, it should be around 30mb.
5, you can calculate it by your self, for example, if the maximum bandwidth for upload of your web server is 100MB, then 100 users can upload simutnaeously at the speed of 1mb/s.
6, it's the same as above question. just use the maximum bandwidth for download instead.

generally we recommand powerdnn, maybe it's expensive than other hosting companies, but it really save troubles.

Pengtsen R
dave adams
Silver Member

01/01/2010 9:39 AM  
Hey Herb, I am hosting my site also on
Shared server package. As Mr. P said they are a little pricier than some other servers, but the service has been "Outstanding!" the upload times to view pages is normally under 5 seconds, except during peak hours (then maybe 15 sec. max)I was w/ webhost4Life also (way tooo slow)

I noticed before on your site all of your videos were hosted on Youtube
Do you have a Youtube Channel? are you providing RSS feeds to your site from Youtube or just entering video via URL Link?

Also just noticed that Video's are only viewable to members only
Just wondering if you working on that page or just don't want non-members to view the videos ?

Herb Benton
Silver Member

01/01/2010 10:31 AM  
Hi Dave!

I've looked into PowerDNN as a provider, even called and spoke with one of their reps. The rep. was supposed to send me information on a dedicated server - I never heard from them again.

Unfortunately, I've moved on. If they can't keep their word on something as simple as sending information what can I expect for service? Although, I have heard some very good things and testimonials from people like you. I've just had back luck with hosting providers in general and don't feel like chasing them around. I'm still in the hunt for a provider to host and service my websites :(

- end of my rant -

I do not have a YouTube Channel. My visitors, and I, upload videos via the UVG interface, through URL, or by using the UVG converter.

I have started to close off the pages of my site and I am forcing "would be" clients to register with the site to view it's content - no reason to give the cow away when I can charge for the milk :)

Thanks for the interest in my site - Happy New Year!
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