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Last Post 12 Oct 2017 08:04 AM by  Pengtsen R
Coupon Codes?
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New Member

New Member

25 Sep 2017 01:24 PM
    Can you add an option for coupon codes? Right now, there is only a Bulk Discount which does not help with promotions.

    The coupon codes should have the following features at a minimum:

    1. Create discount code.
    2. Set coupon code expiration date.
    3. Option to require registration or not.
    4. Set a limit on the number of uses per person or total.
    5. Discount by flat amount or percentage.
    6. Minimum purchase amount to use discount.
    7. Show discount code used on checkout receipt.
    8. Enable or disable a discount code so it does not have to be deleted.
    9. Click on a "Report" link next to each discount code to show the orders and users that used the coupon code.

    If anyone reads this, please show support by replying to this post.


    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    12 Oct 2017 08:04 AM
    This will be reviewed in future upgrades. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us.
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