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Last Post 21 Jun 2016 02:24 PM by  Pengtsen R
Modifying Templates Issue
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New Member

New Member

17 Jun 2016 11:41 AM

    I am evaluating flex events and found this issue. I am running dnn 8.0.3 on azure. When I select a template, it loads ok but I cannot save it unless I refresh the browser and then modify the template again. If I select a template, view it and then select another template, it will not load unless I refresh the browser and select it again.


    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    21 Jun 2016 02:24 PM
    I did a quick test but could not replicate this issue.

    If this is on a test server, you can ignore it and you will probably not get this problem on your production server. if this is the production server, you can give me your site address and I'll check this for you.

    By the way, you can always make direct modifications to the text templates. They are stored as plain text files in DesktopModules\FlexEvents\Texts folder.
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