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Last Post 10 Jun 2016 07:39 PM by  Pengtsen R
flexEvent Enhancement Suggestions
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New Member

New Member

07 Jun 2016 05:41 PM

    I am evaluating the module for my website and am interested in using it for dnn social groups and have a couple of suggestions to make it easier


    1. The FXE-SocialGroupEvents module is nice but we do not want the user to leave their group to view the event detail. The way it works right now is when an event is clicked in the FXE-SocialGroupEvents module the user is directed back to the primary events module so they are physically leaving the group. Then after viewing the event detail, when the user clicks the view all events link, it brings them back to the group but it loses the groupid so the user is brought back to the sample group.

    It would be nice if the flexevent module/detail page could be used in a group instead of the FXE-SocialGroupEvents. The module could have an option in module setting to specify that it is being used as a social module and would then look for the groupid to show events. When adding an event, the user could specify if it was a personal event (shows on a page under their activity feed), group event and whether or not it is public (so it could show in the cross module browser or main events module.)

    2. It would be nice if the freeeventlist module could be used on the group home page and only show the featured or latest events for the group.


    In the search fields you can specify locations but what if there are 1000s of them? It would be impossible to select from a drop down. The keyword capability does not search venue/location but maybe the concept of searching as I type can be used for location?

    It would be nice to be able to specify what fields can be searchable in the search module settings, including custom fields and categories.

    Also, it would be great to be able to default the event list based on a site visitors location plus allow them to specify a miles radius. So when a site visitor visits the page, it detects their location and if a miles radius is specified in the search bar, it only shows them the events in their location plus the miles radius. This is so if I live in California, I don't want to see events in Boston and maybe I want to see all events 5,10,15 or 20 miles from my location. I hope this makes sense!

    With these additions, this would be the best events module for dnn!!!!!

    I hope you would consider adding these to your road map. If you need clarification on anything please let me know.

    Thank you

    New Member

    New Member

    07 Jun 2016 05:58 PM
    I have another suggestion - Is is possible to add the field type check box to custom fields so it is possible to select multiple items. It would also be great in the freeeventlist to be able to have filters in addition to featured and latest. So I could filter on custom fields. For instance say I had a custom field called food with checkbox values for ice cream, french fries, broccoli. Then I could put a freeeventlist on a page called ice cream and only show events for ice cream.

    New Member

    New Member

    07 Jun 2016 06:04 PM
    I cant see how friendly urls work? There is a lot of unnecessary stuff in the url.

    I forgot to mention - you have done a fantastic job with this module.

    New Member

    New Member

    08 Jun 2016 11:36 AM
    Now that I have experimented with the module and sub modules I thought I would expand on my posts above with a scenario that I hope you can figure out a way to adapt the module.

    3 event instances 1. Main 2. Group 3. Member

    1. I created an events and events detail page with the appropriate modules. This will the master events module for viewing by public visitors.
    2. For Groups, under Group activity, I created a page called group events to display events for the group.
    3. For Members under activity feed, I created a page called my events.

    So here is an optimal scenario

    A user posts an event in the master events module. When completing the form, they have an option to post the event to 1. one or more groups they belong to. 2. Their personal events under member and then an option to specify whether the event is for public viewing (in the master list) or just in the group or just my personal events. If public is not checked the event will only show up in the groups and not in the master. Not all group or personal events are for public viewing.

    Scenario 1

    1. I posted an event and only checked public. It then shows in the master list
    2. I posted an event and checked the pet group only. The event only shows in the instance of events under groups
    3. I posted an event and checked the pet group, personal and public. The event shows up in the master (public), my personal events and the pet group that I belong to.

    It would be nice if the an instance of events/detail could be installed under groups (like a sub calendar) that just shows an event list and detail for that group. Same for personal.

    It would also be great if an event owner could specify their own paypal account for their events.

    I am hoping others will weigh in on this and provide more clarity on how events can be entered and surfaced in groups and member profiles.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    10 Jun 2016 07:39 PM
    Your suggestions contain many brilliant ideas. I recorded your suggestions and will review them in future upgrades.

    Regarding to your last point, it seems it requires a new field called "Private Event", which excludes the event from public display. I'll review this in further details in future upgrades.

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