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Last Post 08 May 2016 10:13 AM by  Dblackmon
Registration Details Email that is sent out
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New Member

New Member

08 May 2016 10:13 AM
    Looking through the templates I cant seem to find the Registration Details Template.

    It contains two issues that need some attention.

    Here is an example of one:

    Registration Details for Some Tire Co. Inc
    Class: Powered Industrial Trucks Train the Trainer at Birmingham ATN Center
    Start Date: 06/02/16
    Name: Betty Day
    Address: P O Box XXXX
    Cullman , AL 35056
    Contact: Phone: 256-XXX-XXXX
    Email: bettyd@TireCo.com

    Attendees: 3 at $50.00 esch = $150.00 To Be Invoiced
    Additional Details: 3 attendees Joe Dott, Rodney Shingles Alan McDonald

    Note: The names and address information has been changed to protect the end user.

    The issue on this is the word "Each" is misspelled. It shows it as esch. I cant find the template to make this correction.

    Also this class is listed at $150.00 for each attendee, however this email shows it at $50.00. So it should have shown “3 at $150.00 each” = $450.00

    This information was brought to my attention tomorrow and thankfully no one else has noticed such a huge discrepancy on how your module is calculating the amounts owed. Please note this doesn't seem to effect a credit card payment, this just seems to be isolated to what the client receives from the system after registering.

    Is there a way I can correct this or will it requiring coding on your part. Also do you have a time frame on the next update becasue this could become a rather large issue if a client was to protest issue of the price discrepancy.

    Thank you,


    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    14 May 2016 10:03 PM
    Please send me a screenshot to show where I can find this misspelling, then I'll fix it quickly.

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