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Last Post 24 Feb 2016 09:57 PM by  Dblackmon
This is really turning into a mess
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New Member

New Member

24 Feb 2016 09:57 PM
    I seriously need to get some answers on quite a few questions that is not covered in the users guide.

    I need to understand workflows on how the data is handled in your module.

    It seems now I am having old bookings disappear from the FlexBooking table for older events. Is your module purging this data from the database after a certain amount of time? If so how can I prevent this, becasue we are using this data for historical purposes.

    I have been examining so of the stored procedures to see if I could make heads or tails of what may be going on. However any Procedure related to the Booking doesn't seem to contain anything that I would think is removing this data.

    I can see in the FlexOccurance table that the ConfirmedBookings and Attendees data is there but what happened to the corresponding data in the FlexBooking table. Is this being copied into some other table that I haven't run across yet?

    Also I really need to understand when the Event Archiving takes place

    This is the only bit of code I can find where the Archive Status is changed located in the Stored Procedure FlexEventArchive

    Update DotNetNuke.FlexEvent Set Archived=1 Where isnull(Archived,0)=0 and ((Recurring=0 And EndDate < @Timepoint) or (Recurring=1 And ISNULL(LastRecurring, '2100-1-1') < @Timepoint))

    I am not sure what the @Timepoint is referring to regarding what timestamp it is obtaining.

    Not only that I am really beginning to question if I have the latest version of your module becasue it keeps saying there is a Free upgrade to 1.8.4. and I have downloaded and installed what I believe is the newest version.

    But when I go to manage extensions it says version 1.8.0.

    Regardless I hate to complain but we paid a pretty good amount to obtain the unlimited license and the source code for your module. Currently we are not prepared to start modifying the Source to tailor to our needs. However I really need some detailed answers to the questions becasue the documentation is very lacking on what happens in the background and is left to the end user to guess creating issues when you are expecting one result and something else happens.

    New Member

    New Member

    25 Feb 2016 03:00 PM
    Ok I went ahead and downloaded the 1.8.4 module again and ran the install, This time it appears that it indeed upgraded becasue it not telling me there is a new version.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    27 Feb 2016 11:39 PM
    old bookings disappear:
    Are you sure flex events automatically delete booking?
    There is a foreign key on the booking table, FK_DNN620_FlexBooking_FlexOccurance, which references to the FlexOccurance table. Unlike most other foreign keys in this module, this foreign key does not have a " ON DELETE CASCADE" property. Which means it does not delete the booking when the Occurance is deleted. Actually it fires an error if you something is trying to delete the Occurance record. Please check your database, does this foreign key have a "no delete cascade" property in your database?

    Beside this, the only way to delete a booking record is on the receipt page. But this is not an automated process, you have to click the "Delete" button.

    I can see in the FlexOccurance table that the ConfirmedBookings and Attendees data is there but what happened to the corresponding data in the FlexBooking table. Is this being copied into some other table that I haven't run across yet?
    ConfirmedBookings and Attendees are the TOTAL confirmed bookings and attendees of this Event Occurance. There is a separated Attendees column in the booking table, which represents the attendees of this booking record.

    Event Archive
    Event are archived by the FlexEventArchive procedure, which is where the sql script you posted come from. FlexEventArchive can only be called by RecurringScheduler, which is a scheduler you can find in DNN - Host - Schedulers. An finished event is archived after a specefic period of time(which can be configured in Config.xml -> DaysToArchiveAfterFinish). The TimePoint parameter is used to tell events finished before what day should be archived.
    For example, if current date is 2/27, and the DaysToArchiveAfterFinish parameter is set to 30 days under default configuration. The TimePoint parameter will be approxmately 1/27, then the FlexEventArchive procedure will know only events finished before 1/27 will be archived.

    Sorry for the delays to offer a reply here. You can always email us for the most prompt reply.

    By the way, one way to know what part of the module calls specefic method is to use the search feature in Visual Studio. For example, if you don't know what part of the product executes the archive feature, you can search FlexEventArchive in the entire solution, which should tell me it is only invoked in RecurringScheduler.cs

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