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Last Post 17 Nov 2016 12:43 AM by  Pengtsen R
TileGrid not working anymore
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New Member

New Member

07 Nov 2016 03:22 PM
    I am using 9.8.8 revision 28276 on DNN 06.02.04
    I was using TileGrid but it no longer works, just keeps spinning that 'loading' icon
    The HTML slideshow and UMG ClassicNG work but neither of them are responsive or mobile friendly.
    Any idea where I should start trouble shooting this? Is this a js/jquery problem?

    I can't upgrade DNN as the events module (obsolete Invenmanager) will quit working.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    17 Nov 2016 12:43 AM
    Since your DNN version is not the latest version, I believe there is no conflicts between UMG and your DNN, so this can be fixed easily.

    Can you show me (or email me) the URL of your gallery page?