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Last Post 23 Mar 2017 08:36 AM by  Pengtsen R
Deleted FlexEvent calendar was an Sub Calender
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New Member

New Member

16 Mar 2017 05:26 PM
    A FlexEvent calendar was deleted that was assigned to two other FlexEvent calendars as a Sub Calendar. We were able to restore the page and the deleted FlexEvent calendar was restored, but it's not that same calendar number. Now, on the two calendars that had the deleted calendar as a Sub Calendar, the Sub Calendar tab show "Parent Calendar" with a locked field showing the deleted calendar. Other than recreating the two calendars (which have a lot of data), how can we remove the deleted calendar so we can resign new Sub Calendars?

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    23 Mar 2017 08:36 AM
    I don't fully understand the situation. However, it is possible to manually manipulate the parent-sub calendar relationship by directly modifying the database. The data is stored in FlexSubCalendar table.

    Hope that helps.