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Subject: Auto loop-back - which viewer?
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New Member

03/23/2015 9:40 AM  
I need to have a gallery that auto-loops - plays continuously. The base UMGClassicNG viewer is perfect in every respect, especially full-screen mode, except that it doesn't seem to have an auto-loop feature. Does it have this feature and I haven't found it? What viewer would you recommend as most like UMBClassicNG but has the auto-loop configuration? (One album with 127 images in my use.)

Chester Phillips
Pengtsen R

03/25/2015 9:25 AM  
please download UMG 9.8.7 from our Downloads page, I just added a hidden feature for you.

After installation, please open UMGClassic.ascx in UMG folder, and change this line:

jQuery("#<%=pnlUMGClassic.ClientID %>").umgclassic({<%=Params %>});


jQuery("#<%=pnlUMGClassic.ClientID %>").umgclassic({loopPlay:true, <%=Params %>});

Pengtsen R
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