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Subject: Adding 'created date' data to albums?
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Nate Great
Golden Member

04/20/2013 7:54 PM  
I find it really annoying that you can't easily display a created date and last modified date for each album. I think some albums might do this but I mostly use UMGClassicNG. I can use the data-daysago attribute of each album to display an updated date, but I cannot display the created date. Would you please consider adding, for example, a data-createddays attribute, or something similar?

If you're worred about unnecessary overhead, you should just make it an option in the album settings as to which attributes which should be added to the DOM. That way, each site owner can select to add only the attributes they need access to in the DOM.

Pengtsen R

04/21/2013 7:36 AM  
even I output the data-createddate attribute, how do you plan to use it?

Pengtsen R
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