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Subject: Improving social sharing feature?
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Chris Rock
Silver Member

03/03/2013 11:39 AM  
Hi. I was wondering if the social sharing features are being looked at for improvement, specifically around Facebook. I know you can share a link to a photo, but there are issues with that. First, sometimes you might not want to actually "share" it, but just "like" it. Liking a photo still puts a story in your timeline, but it's a less obtrusive story.

The second issue with the current implementation is the photo itself doesn't appear in the story in the timeline. I shared the photo from here: and the story on Facebook shows a small down arrow as the preview, that's not very good. Also, it would be good if we could configure what goes into the shared story. Instead of it just showing the page title, it would be good if the title or description of the actual photo was shown. That whole story could be configurable.

Another good thing about a Like button instead of share is the like button shows how many people have liked it, and if any of your friends have liked it. I see you're using addthis for the social links. It looks like they have pretty flexible configurations to support this:

Also, I'd like to be able to enable / disable certain sharing links. For example, the photos in my galleries are not something people would want to share on linkedin, so I'd like to remove that button. As it stands now, I'd prefer to not do any sharing if the linkedin button is going to be there.

I'm a long time UMG user but I'm looking at adding social sharing. I'd love it if UMG improved the implementation. The way it is now it's not ideal, other modules are better in this area, but I don't want to lose S3 support so I'm stuck. :-)

Best Regards,
Chris Rock
Pengtsen R

03/05/2013 6:53 AM  
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! these changes will be reviewed in the next major upgrade.

Pengtsen R
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