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Subject: Sitemap for UVG
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gh bn
Silver Member

11/21/2015 4:19 AM  

using DotNetNuke.Common.Utilities;
using DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules;
using DotNetNuke.Entities.Portals;
using DotNetNuke.Services.Sitemap;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace BizModules.UltraVideoGallery
public class SiteMapProvider : SitemapProvider
private Dictionary<int, float> _modulePriority = new Dictionary<int, float>();
private Dictionary<int, int> _modulePriorityFieldId = new Dictionary<int, int>();
private Dictionary<int, int> _viewpage = new Dictionary<int, int>();

private SitemapUrl GetBlogUrl(int portalId, VideoInfo videoInfo)
if (!this._modulePriority.ContainsKey(videoInfo.ItemId))
this._modulePriority.Add(videoInfo.ItemId, 0.5f);
this._modulePriorityFieldId.Add(videoInfo.ItemId, -1);
float num = this._modulePriority[videoInfo.ItemId]
int objField = this._modulePriorityFieldId[videoInfo.ItemId]
return new SitemapUrl { Url = videoInfo.PlayUrl, Priority = num, LastModified = videoInfo.LastModifiedDate, ChangeFrequency = SitemapChangeFrequency.Weekly };

public override List<SitemapUrl> GetUrls(int portalId, PortalSettings ps, string version)
List<SitemapUrl> tours = new List<SitemapUrl>();
VideoController videoController = new VideoController();

string name = Enum.GetName(typeof (VideoOrderType), VideoOrderType.AlphabeticalOrder);

foreach (VideoInfo videoInfo in VideoController.SearchPlus(portalId, -1, "", "", name))
SitemapUrl blogUrl = this.GetBlogUrl(portalId, videoInfo);
return tours;


<add name="UltraVideoGallerySitemapProvider" type="BizModules.UltraVideoGallery.SiteMapProvider, BizModules.UltraVideoGallery" providerPath="~\desktopmodules\UltraVideoGallery\Components\" />
gh bn
Silver Member

11/21/2015 12:46 PM  
For profanity filter in comment system please add this code

var ps = new DotNetNuke.Security.PortalSecurity();
string Comment = ps.Remove(objComment.Comment, DotNetNuke.Security.PortalSecurity.ConfigType.ListController, "ProfanityFilter", DotNetNuke.Security.PortalSecurity.FilterScope.SystemAndPortalList);
gh bn
Silver Member

11/22/2015 1:58 AM  
Video Url for Unicode Titles

SEO-Friendly Site URLزیبای-نگاه

Url = Url.Replace(' ','-');
Regex regex = new Regex(@"(http|ftp|https):\/\/[\w\-_]+(\.[\w\-_]+)+([\w\-\.,@?^=%&:/~\+#]*[\w\-\@?^=%&/~\+#])?");

Match match = regex.Match(Url);

Url = match.Value;


[!@#$%^&*()}{|\" ?><\[\]\\;',~]


public static string ToUrlSlug(string value){

//First to lower case
value = value.ToLowerInvariant();

//Remove all accents
var bytes = Encoding.GetEncoding("Cyrillic").GetBytes(value);

value = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(bytes);

//Replace spaces
value = Regex.Replace(value, @"\s", "-", RegexOptions.Compiled);

//Remove invalid chars
value = Regex.Replace(value, @"[^\w\s\p{Pd}]", "",RegexOptions.Compiled);

//Trim dashes from end
value = value.Trim('-', '_');

//Replace double occurences of - or \_
value = Regex.Replace(value, @"([-_]){2,}", "$1", RegexOptions.Compiled);

return value ;

Pengtsen R

11/22/2015 8:35 PM  
I integrated your recommendataion for the video name in the URL, it should be included in next minor upgrade.

Pengtsen R
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