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Subject: Anyone had issues with mp4 streaming convedrsions???
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phil wegrzyn
Silver Member

01/07/2015 11:53 AM  
Really weird problem. Installed UVG on one server (6.6.3), DNN Evoq Content (7.2.2), and had users upload mp4 videos. Relevent Encoding Settings are

High Quality Version - H264 main profile
High Resolution - 720p HD
Re-encode MP4 - Yes

when the videos they have get uploaded on first server, they stream at high-def (ie. don't wait until video fully loaded to start playing).

When I then moved that site to the production servers, now all the same video files they upload do not stream. I can even take videos I upload to the old server, change the name in the backend and copy the files over to the new server, and they stream (alone with all files that were encoded before the server move), so its strictly the encoding piece that is somehow different, which is totally weird.

I have tried unchecking re-encode (then they stream but without video, just audio). I can change the setting for high quality to FLV and they stream, but they look pretty bad.

I just don't get how the actual encoding piece could somehow act differently on these 2 servers. Business got used to the high def, streaming videos on the dev site, so not thrilled with us not being able to figure out how to make it work the same on the new site.

Any ideas? like I said, its strictly the encoding, as files that were encoded on the old server and brought over do still stream, so its not something in iis for example.

I can not have them use the stand-alone converter (which does work btw...files encoded there and uploaded do stream) as they don't have admin rights on their machines, and since this is all intranet (sorry, can't give anyone admin or host rights), they also can't use the amazon encoder.

Just really stumped how this could somehow encode differently with the same file system/encoding libraries on both boxes. Is there something else on the box to check that would impact encoding???


Pengtsen R

01/08/2015 6:30 PM  
1, Create an empty file named "Log.txt" in /desktopmodules/ultravideogallery folder.
2, if there is already such a file, empty it.
3, upload a video again and let UVG encode it.
4, there should be some content in log.txt, send it over me.


Pengtsen R
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