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Subject: Multiple libraries
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chris wollesen
Silver Member

03/07/2014 10:57 AM  
I know you don't support sub-categories and the ability to have multiple libraries was provided to work around that. I also know that modules like the "Free Video List" and several others have the capability to show across all libraries within a portal.

My question is, is there anyway to get the "Video List" module to support showing information from across multiple libraries as well?

We have bureaus that have multiple departments each of which handle a variety of categories. We think the best way to organize things from a security and organization perspective is to have each bureau as a child-portal, each bureau/department as a library and then each category that department deals with as a category under that library for them. However with the existing modules that means there is no "master" roll-up where someone can search for a video or see a video/category listing across all libraries.

So it would be (obviously only a small example)

ChildPortal = /Administration
Library = Admin-Personnel
Categories = Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, New Employee Orientation

Child Portal = /Administration
Library = Exec-Staff
Categories = Directors Objectives, Press Releases, Outreach Efforts

Child Portal = /Administration
Library = IT
Categories = Word Training, Excel Training, Outlook Training
Pengtsen R

03/11/2014 8:48 PM  
Unfortunately this may not be supported, UVG_VideoList can not be linked to different libraries.

You may need to organze these videos to different libraries and in different pages.

Pengtsen R
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