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Subject: Export / Import
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Andy Bond
Silver Member

01/11/2011 4:48 AM  
We are currently in the process of consolidating some of our dnn installs, removing some completely and setting others to be child portals.

Is there an easy way (preferably that already exists, but I dont mind playing with sql a little bit) to export all of the video information from one dnn install to another.

It is'nt an issue if some of the extra data (like comments) is lost, and I dont mind manually copying the files, its just the main data I'm after (and video permissions) - I don't mind if I have to reset all the videos to show they have been uploaded by a single individual.

Any ideas or pointers?


Pengtsen R

01/11/2011 6:42 AM  
UVG doen't support export/import, because the videos file may be very large.

but you can manually do that.

to do that, you need to copy the video files at first, all of them are stored in portal root/UltraVideoGallery folder.

then you need to manually copy all data in data tables with UVG_ prefix.

Pengtsen R
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