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Subject: 006.10 classes Lin
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01/18/2019 2:43 AM  
006.10 classes Lin Fengchuzhong Zhou Peng Guidance: Li Shanguiay is the second day of school []Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps[/url], and I have finished class in the evening. Our classmates flew out of the classroom like a cheerful bird and walked down the stairs.was with my friend Fan Jinshan, shoulder to shoulder, and walked out of the teaching building with a smile. He said to me: "I am going to buy water, do you wait for me outside the commissary?" Not long after, he came out with red light. He handed some small food to me and said, "I bought one more, these are for you to eat []Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons[/url]." I blame it with embarrassment. went to pick him up with him. When I came to the dining hall []Carton Marlboro Black Menthol 100[/url], I squeezed in. I finally got a bucket of water out. When I returned, he gave me a moment. I took a moment and put the water into the bedroom. washed our face and brushed our teeth. I took another basin of water and washed my feet. After washing his feet, Tan Lin of the same class said: "There is no water in the dining hall. Can you let me wash my feet?" "No! Where Jinshan has not washed yet." I replied fiercely. He glanced at me and walked away desperately. I looked at the figure he had left, and there was an inexplicable feeling in my heart []Newport Cartons Sold In The Usa[/url]. In fact, Fan Jinshan has already washed his feet, but I did not borrow excuses. Hey! I shouldn��t be so selfish... the fourth morning, I carried my schoolbag and walked slowly on the road in Luojiayue. Suddenly it rained. I didn't bring rain gear and braved the rain. At this moment, there was a sudden brake behind the " and I turned around and looked at it. It turned out to be Tan Lin []Buy Us Marlboro Online[/url]. I thought it was a savior, but it was him. I am a little desperate, without language, only the endless remorse and haunting in my mind.t on the bus!" heard clearly, how enthusiastic the invitation was. I don't believe my ears, I suddenly realizedot in the car, he was in the front, I was behind, he was driving, I was wearing an umbrella, and a slight drizzle fell on my face and feet from time to time, feeling very happy.e car is flying in the rain. Suddenly there was a tall figure in front of me, which seemed to be inflated infinitely, and I was so small that it seemed to be a negligible poor worm. My heart is like a needle, the more I think, the deeper I am.henever I have selfish thoughts, that thing always makes me remember, I am proud to say: "I am standing with Tan Lin."
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