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Subject: UMG TopAlbums and ActiveSocial
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Cliff Hammock
Golden Member

04/06/2009 9:37 PM  
On your advice, Pengsten, I am trying to use the UMG TopAlbums to display all albums. I am using the TopAlbums module to point to the Personal Gallery page. So it shows ALL personal Galleries (unless I put in a number to limit it).

When a gallery is clicked from the Homeschool Content > Photo Galleries page it goes to the Personal Gallery view of that Album.

This is a little non-intuitive since it has the menu items at the top for managing my personal gallery. But it only lets me manage my own stuff (not the album I am viewing). And if the member doesn't already have an album, they can create it right there.

So with a little education of my member this might be a convenient method to have a multi use gallery page.

For any of you that have an account at check it out and let me know. If you don't have an account set one up to see.

Pengsten, if there is any way you can create an account on my site to see how things are looking and offer guidance that would be great. I am in it with BizModules for the long run on my ActiveSocial sites and other sites as well now. So please consider working with me to help make UMG and UVG work as well as possible with ActiveSocial.

If this current use of TopAlbums proves to work well to show all Albums, then the only main thing left is to be able to filter Video Series by users like the normal videos can be filtered. If there is any short term workaround for that it would be great.

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