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Subject: eering to people. Has be
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01/16/2020 1:27 AM  
Life is like the setting sun, with regrets in the United States and China. When Su Yang drove on the circular viaduct and saw the sky getting darker, watching the sunset and lonely figure, he always made such a sigh. The beauty in life is always fleeting, and it is unexpected. Life was a little unsatisfactory, but a little bland. The irreplaceable suit and tie; the irresistible bar table entertainment; the endless morning meeting and the daily sunset with him. These are his lives, simple, clean and boring life. Su Yang is a whisperer, but he is not indifferent. Like a lion with closed eyes, he always sits quietly in the hills in the distance and stares at his territory <a href=""></a>. He controls everything there. The life cycle of water, birds in the forest, and everything seems to be under his control. He is an overbearing leader and a strong king of aura <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. Su Yang never compromised at the negotiating table, just like his life and love, never succumbed. He knew that the things that belonged to him would eventually appear on his desk, so he never lowered his attitude and lived. Domineering to people. Has been pursued by several beautiful graceful girls. Faced with hard-to-reject dates, Su Yang always chose a restaurant for them with a tough attitude, arranged a dinner party, and the gentleman chose sweet red wine for them <a href="">Marlboro Lights</a>. During the feast, they never crossed the line, listening to them in a deep and subtle way about their past life. Su Yang laughs, but rarely. He knew that a proper smile would bring more happiness to himself. However, he always lacked the motivation to make him laugh. Those girls are not bad, but they are always shortcomings. Like the fifteenth month of the first lunar month, and the firecrackers that have not yet sounded in the thirteenth year, people always feel a little dissatisfied and sorry. Su Yang knew that love was on the way and was advancing at a pace it was satisfied with. Therefore, Su Yang is not in a hurry. All he had to do was shut his eyes and wait. He thought that when the girl appeared, he should embrace the king's spirit, approach her, and convince her. But one day, she really appeared and the story became different. At the negotiation table, Su Yang met a strong opponent. Both sides have no concession. Su Yanghuan held his arms and looked at the representative who was speaking, his face was cold. It was a girl with exquisite makeup, flawless skin, decent suits, expensive watches, and pointed heels, all exuding the charm of women in the workplace. She said she was chestnut. Such a cute name doesn't quite match her cold appearance. Su Yang was a bit stunned, he was thinking about what this chestnut would look like in life. Will it be like her name, cute want to hold people in the palm of your hand. That negotiation was Su Yang's first compromise so far. He couldn't explain why, just wanted to see the confident smile on her mouth after winning the negotiations. Sure enough, she smiled. It's really beautiful, like a lark flying out of the cage, the whole world is full of her singing and laughing. Sure enough, she is a lovely girl. Su Yang looked at her leaving figure, and a smile appeared in the corner of her mouth. This unconscious smile made him understand that the girl was the motivation to make him laugh. Since then, the two companies have cooperatewithout peach. That little deficiency makes the four seasons no longer perfect, and makes life inanimate. Su Yang smiled and said, "Love someone, humble as dust; the loved one, with a smile on the lips of Wang Lizi, proud, said," I am a king, how can I be like dust? He doesn't Long, wait for her to turn away from the shore. He smiled sadly: "Fool, have you ever known that before I met you, I was king."
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