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Subject: n and returned to my
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09/04/2019 10:36 PM  
Life is a one-way street. We carry our lives, or we are happy or slow, or fast or slow, from one stop to another, until the end. A note of the weather in May, a little sultry, a burst of hot air from the window, disrupted the pages of the book, upset, I closed the window, opened the air conditioning on the wall <a href=""></a>, but still can not blow the hospital The taste of disinfectant water. I glanced at the bed, and she had no opinion. She is a little girl and she has been very quiet. My parents are all migrant workers. They work overtime day and night, and her grandmother is always with her. At this time, the old man was not there. She was so quietly lying, staring at the ceiling and staring at the ceiling. The little girl��s bed is filled with a beautiful goat��s doll, very cute, just like a little girl. Two pink little bows, like the spring flowers, the room is very quiet, I can hear the sound of the drip, from top to bottom <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>, into the blood vessels. Picking up the book on the pillow, occasionally flipping, but not interested in watching, just turning over the boring I stayed, wanting to go out for a while. Then I pulled the quilt out, got out of bed, and went out to "big brother..." a subtle voice, but I didn't know if it was my auditory hallucination. I turned my head and looked at the bed that was the only person lying down. When I turned back, the little girl just raised her head and a man was going out from the quilt. I am busy walking over, I don't know what this little girl is doing. "Little sister, do you have anything?" I tried to keep my voice down, afraid to scare her little girl like a lamb that was chased by the wolves, so helpless, people's hearts were soft, "big brother... ... Are you going out?" I sat next to her bed and stroked her smooth hairline: "Well! What?" I asked with some doubts. Is there anything she has to ask me? "Big brother." Don't go well, Niu Niu... afraid of black..." Her voice was sobbing, her eyes began to turn red, and her tears gradually overflowed. When I saw such a look, I was a little overwhelmed. I didn��t know how to calm people when I was young. I encountered such a situation for the first time. I looked around and found that the sun was still hanging in the sky, and the room was still very bright. A thought drifted from my mind. It was a child. I was shaking my hand with my hand and found that she had no other reaction. It confirmed my guess. Just now, it��s my turn to cry, I don��t know why, just inexplicably want to cry, maybe it��s a pity for such a child, maybe it��s to myself... my hand is her Two small hands were held, unable to move, and had to pat the quilt with one hand. After trying to calm her emotions, the child��s grandmother pushed in and I asked the old man and returned to my bed. . The old man has food in his hand and smiles at his granddaughter. The little girl also showed a faint smile, very nice. Looking at her, the old man seems to have seen my attention. She took an egg from the insulated lunch box in the bag and handed it to me. I looked at her, shook my hand, said that I didn't eat it, or gave it to you for another two days. I learned from the doctor that the little girl was waiting for the transplant of the cornea <a href="">Parliament Cigarettes</a>. The parents worked hard to make up the money. There was no cornea, and what should the mother look at me and nodded. It was not the first time I told her, but she had never agreed before. Although I don't know why she didn't resist this time, I was very happy to go home and smell the air without the smell of disinfectant. I feel a lot better. Yesterday, bid farewell to the little girl, there are a lot of unwillingness in my heart. I hope she can get treatment. I realized that I have a lot of things to do, but I have little time. I don't know what to do for the rest of the day. My parents said that I wanted to accompany me to a holiday abroad, and I refused. Later, I made plans. I went to talk to my mother. I told her that I wanted to go to Mount Tai once and hope she agreed. At first, she was also unwilling. After her father��s persuasion, she agreed to know the plan. I started to plan, and I went to the place where I lived later.
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09/07/2019 6:49 PM  
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