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Subject: eyes are full
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06/13/2019 10:10 PM  
I like to watch the tender green shoots on a branch in the spring [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. It shines with fascinating light in the warm spring sunshine. In my feelings, the jasper-like color is full of possibilities. At this time, it was already an evening in the late autumn. I walked alone on the bank of the river, and an autumn wind blew, and the yellow leaves slowly fell with the wind. Staring at the fallen leaves from the branches, my heart was gently touched, an inexplicable heart rushed into my heart, there was a faint confusion, and a deep squat gently stepped on the steps Going forward, the autumn wind is cold, and the coldness of the invasion makes me wake up from the confusion. Perhaps, busy for a long time, even if the eyes are full of confused colors, I also want to look at the vast mountains and rivers, vast days. I reached out and gently held a leaf, and my fingertips were a touch of coolness. Looking at the golden leaves, my mind can't help but emerge the jasper-like buds in the warm spring sun. I think, is the falling of the leaves on a tree like the glitz that is discarded during the growth of life? And a tree grows up in the germination and leaves, during the period of ups and downs, whether it is like the growth of life, in the torrent of life, in order to live better, to live in dignity, constantly adjust and change oneself [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], in pursuit Create a heart that welcomes the new students with a doubt. I walked gently on the fallen leaves. I felt that it was not the fallen leaves, but the dust that was scattered by the youth. The autumn wind is ruthless, but it is not the leaves, but the glitz. When the glitz and glory can see the new students, I finally understand that the leaves can listen to the pulse of the earth more clearly, just as youth walks through to realize the rush of life more deeply. For growth, I prefer the dead leaves to fall, the green buds in the spring of next year will wipe out the last trace of the heart, gently put down the leaves in the hands, watching the endless autumn wind falling leaves, I think, I can be confused, But you can't be embarrassed, the autumn wind is ruthless, and the growth is certainly bumpy. I should live like a growing tree, not withered in the autumn leaves [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], and I have to be born in the autumn leaves. The autumn wind is cold [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], and the leaves fall without traces [url=]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. After the frost and snow, the spring warms up
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