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Subject: y bother to struggle a
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06/13/2019 10:10 PM  
The friend said that his uncle had gone. He saw his father crying. He felt very sad and could not help but cry. Sadness is everywhere. There is a grandmother next door. The mourning hall has been in the room for more than half a month. Yesterday, I heard the sound of the rumors. I must have asked the people to overdo it. However, I feel that it is a bit more lively to sing and sing, not like immersing in sorrow. How do you know the pain in the hearts of others when you are separated by a few houses? If you think about it, you will lose your feelings [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. You shouldn��t be sad and sad, but what is death? Between the yin and the yang, the clear and different way, we can still see the rising sun, the flower blossoms thank you, those who have passed away? Under Huang Quan, what is the scene? Is there a forest like this? Is there a clear moon? Is there a Yangge dance? Is there a flower like a waterfall? Maybe, maybe not. The other side is like a mystery. Although there is a crossing, after all, I don��t want it to happen. The world is so beautiful. The beautiful mountains and rivers, three thousand prosperous, soft and soft like the spring breeze, can��t be loved. So, I think, what a wonderful thing to live. When we feel lonely, when we feel sad [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], when we feel lost, we think that the world is in vain. In fact, we all embarked on our own lost path. Green mountains and green waters, birds and flowers, where is it? At this moment, I can breathe a glimpse of the air that wanders in the world. I know that you and I are immortal. If you are drunk [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], you will know that the wine is strong. If you love the situation, you will know that the life is precious or long or short. The journey of life, there is no entanglement of life and life, only the life can not be repeated. I have seen the green mountains and green waters and read the long scrolls. I know that you and I are just a drop in the ocean. It is still in the mountains and waters, and the history books have added a few more volumes. Perhaps you and I have been drowning for the time, no longer pursue. Heaven and earth are so vast, red dust is so prosperous, and our road is so short. Seeing the starting point, you can see the end, why bother to struggle and not give yourself a straight road? The road has a diameter, but the heart is like a winding path, thinking that you can pass the quiet, but where to know the reality is not quiet. Going around, can you find the dark flowers in the mountains and rivers? In the early morning, the light of the sun penetrates the clouds and spreads between the heavens and the earth, but I see the clouds are covered with golden light, like a new rubbing of rouge on the girl's face, and the bright and beautiful is like a small word, how can I forget it? Life is like this morning glow. At the beginning, there is a clear fragrance of hibiscus, such as heaven and earth. If you want to replace the morning in the afternoon, and replace the afternoon in the evening, the night will eventually annihilate all the light, and the clouds will not shine again. Within the four seas, there is only innocent darkness. The beautiful woman who once had a glory, after all, can't escape the tragedy of the late beauty of the beauty. In the end, what is the sacred sac? Who is burying new wine in the snow every year? Bright moon night, short Matsuoka. The sage is like a singer. Everywhere in life, you know what it is like, it should be Feihong. Those deep and shallow footprints remain in the hearts of some people and become imprints that cannot be erased. But how do the lost people know the nostalgia of the living? It is: the accidental retention of the claws on the mud, Hongfei that in fact, there is no way to blame, after all, the blue leaves, the faint secluded, even if some people do not want to drink the Meng Po soup, it can not be just that bridge. Why, we can't see the afterlife in the afterlife, only to see the green waves under this sad bridge. The green wave is sloppy, so the heart is long, stunned by some soft and soft [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], and turned into Yang Liuan, Xiaofeng [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], and the moon is going through the years, it should be a good time. There are thousands of styles, and who do you say
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