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Subject: The Forbidden
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04/30/2019 2:03 AM  
The Forbidden City is grand and solemn. When it is covered by Yingying Baixue, there is a silent silence and a noble alienation that wants to worship. At that time, the most fascinating paintings were eroded by countless wind and rain, and nowadays there is also a yellow sand, which is not glamorous, but it is heavy. In the night, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the majestic luxury is not changed, but the light from the threshold can be seen to the thoughts of the lingering Yi people. The dark red and yellow, the light and shadow of the mottled, the mysterious wind rang. The original chrysanthemum is very fragrant and beautiful. The beauty is special []Cheap Marlboro 100'S[/url], the beauty is elegant and chic. Chrysanthemums are rich in color, such as red, white, blue, purple, yellow, and so on. The red chrysanthemums are lovely and colorful, like the euphemistic girl's pink cheeks; when the white chrysanthemums are in full bloom, the flowers are clustered like snow; the blue chrysanthemums are fresh and elegant []Buy Cigaretes Marlboro[/url], like a romantic poet; the purple chrysanthemums are deep and subtle. There is no charm; and the yellow chrysanthemums are so smashed, all of them are noble and chaste. The flower buds of chrysanthemums are large or small. The flower buds are small, exquisite and beautiful. The buds are curled and the petals are stretched or curled []Marlboro 100S Cigarettes[/url]. They are elegant and generous. Once upon a time, my house was planted with a piece of white chrysanthemum. Every winter, it was in full bloom, and a cluster of chrysanthemums was enthusiastic. It is very fascinating in the fading flowers and plants, and the faint scent is refreshing and refreshing! I often pick a song in my spare time []Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online[/url]. The mood is also changed, and the chrysanthemum is clear. Since the ancient chrysanthemums of the four gentlemen in the flower, countless poets have made beautiful poems []Marlboro 100 S Carton Ebay[/url]. The poet Bai Juyi wrote in "Qi Ju": "The only cold-resistant Dongluju, Jin Su was opened and clearer." The famous poet Du Fu wrote: "The cold flower has been exhausted, and the juniper is the only branch." Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi There are poems: "The home is full of chrysanthemums, and the Liangyuan is like a frost. Chrysanthemums have the effect of dispersing wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and improving eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying in Chinese medicine. And in the spare time, a cup of chrysanthemum tea is full of poetry. If you are not in a bad mood or leisure time, brew a cup of chrysanthemum tea with steaming boiled water. When the fragrance of the fragrance is smothered, you can��t see the chrysanthemum under the hedgerow and see Nanshan leisurely.�� This shows Tao Yuanming��s extraordinary The refined, fresh and elegant life, and the open-minded mood, chrysanthemum enriched Tao Yuanming's life, so that he can enjoy the leisure and leisure life more colorful love chrysanthemum, love life, persuade a cup of chrysanthemum tea fine life.
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