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Subject: e bits and piece
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10/06/2019 9:13 PM  
Happiness is a red balloon that flies into my world and flies out. I just want to hold on to the happy tail and not let it fly away. In the amusement park, there is a clown who is selling candy. I remember someone once said that God will quietly wrap happiness into candy, and every candy is a blessing. I have thought about it. If I buy all the candy, I will have the happiness of the whole world. I always understand it when I was a child. The meaning of happiness is a half-baked idea. Once, I thought that listening to my favorite songs is happiness; watching my favorite novels is happiness. Later, I felt that only a successful career, a rich and prosperous, and a happy one. Gradually growing up, the yearning for happiness is even stronger. However, gradually found that happiness is like the color of the moon, the charm of singing and dancing. Everyone is yearning for happiness. Most people blame the god of happiness for not embracing themselves. However, when we look back, it is not difficult to find that in the pursuit of happiness, we have let go of the real feelings [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], but chasing the shadow of illusion, just as the common saying "is not as good as being in the blessing". As long as you pay close attention to the bits and pieces around you, you will find that happiness is often "smooth and silent", and it has been around us for a while in the hometown of the country [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url]. After moving to a new home, the old house in the hometown was rented out by relatives. The rental advertisement has just been posted [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], and the tenant has come to the door. Renting is a pair of retired old couples. The high housing prices in the city forced them to "snail" in the old houses of the country. When they saw the situation of the house, the old woman shouted happily: "This house is big and good, can put down a big bed!" I did not dare to compliment the old woman. I know the situation of the old house. What about the cracked walls, the rugged yellow earth boards, and even a big bed? But the old woman did not care, immediately paid a month's rent, and then hurriedly moved into the old house. The new home is not far from the old house, so whenever the night is over, I will walk to visit the old couple. The old couple was kind and friendly. Whenever I went to visit, I took out the fruit to entertain me. I was sitting in the old house of "the wall of the family", but there was no sorrow. Full of happiness and happiness. Although the old couple did not live a prosperous life, but there is no regret in their hearts, and the heart is full of happiness. Whenever the old man trembled to the pot of hot water, and put the old woman��s feet in the water gently into the water, the old woman��s face was like a blooming Chrysanthemum, on the cheeks engraved with the traces of the years, appeared the girl's blush, the turbid eyes, also shot brilliant; when the old woman awkwardly peeled the grape skin, the tempting grape slowly Tied into the mouth of the old man, although the old man quickly waved his hand and said no, he was a happy face. The pale, thin face was full of red light, and I am now fascinated. Many people pursue happiness, but they only look at the farthest point, constantly pursue, but they can't be satisfied. In the end, they will end their lives in the loss and annoyance. As everyone knows, on this road of pursuing happiness, there is full of happiness everywhere. Only when you look closely can you find out. In fact, in our pursuit of happiness, we are happy in ourselves. There is no need for a lot of money, nor a high official. Sometimes, happiness is just a bed. A family, a bed, is the warmest and most peaceful happiness!

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