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Subject: ant to write a fascinatin
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09/19/2019 2:37 AM  

There is such a book, it is the most real, but it can also be full of drama; he has many brother books, but no two of the world will be the same; it is written page by page, and the author is That book itself. This book is called life. You are one of them, the author is yourself [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. You are a book, no one knows the end, and everything has already been buried. A craft from a young age, an old friend who knows, and a lie that is said may lead the story to another very different tributary. Louis Vuitton's experience in the garment factory led him to the road of building money for the royal family to make money, and Jobs's middle school friends helped him level the technical boulder on the entrepreneurial avenue, and "Shi Shuxin In the language, the greedy and cheap young man was rushed away from the glory of the future. Although it is the author, you may not be able to see where the story of the gray grass snake line leads the story, but from now on, doing things seriously, being kind to others, things will always develop in a good direction, you are a book, style Choose your own. If you want to write a fascinating martial arts novel, then you will overcome the difficulties like Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu. In the tide of the times, you will be eager to see the ideals. If you want to write a collection of essays that are quiet and fragrant, then you may settle down. I love life and love others with one heart and one mind. The unsuccessful ink drops in my life will not get on the pages of the book [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url]. Of course, it is not bad to write a book, like Newton, Planck or Edison and Yuan Longping. benefit. And those who live in chaos and even do not love life, the pages often do not take long to break off, giving off a decadent stagnant air. And what kind of book is written by the author - do you think about it? You are a book, and the plot is often ups and downs. Natural disasters and man-made disasters, gathering and farewell, often make you unexpected, shouting fate is unfair. Those who are weak will be devastated, and the beautiful end of the original plan will be thrown aside, and there will be no improvement; and the brave author will clench his teeth and hold the pen, just to bring the story back on track. Van Gogh struggled between the secular contempt and his unappreciated life, but never gave up his endless love for life; Jobs was once defeated by Microsoft and even swept out by the company he founded [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], but he never gave up that young age. I have already drawn a blueprint for life. For a good author, frustration is not a sign of rushing down, but a good time to show literary talent, leaving an elegant arc in the book. You are a book, a book created by yourself, and the plot is almost omnipotent. Friends, how to write it all lies in oneself, I hope that after closing the book, it can give a scent of fragrance.
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