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Subject:  turn off the lights, let��s go.
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09/04/2019 10:37 PM  
No sleep at midnight, the moon is like water, and the window of the silk flower reflects my lonely figure. The sound of guitars came from afar, touched my thoughts, are you tonight [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], and I am still in front of the window like me? Remember your first acquaintance? When I arrived at the school gate with the big bag, I was exhausted. Looking at the strange faces on the huge campus, looking at the spectacular scenes of the same-age freshmen who were greeted by their parents, I couldn��t help but feel sad, poor family, old and white-haired parents, I can still What are they asking for? It seems that you are here at this time. "Excuse me, how does the Chinese department go?" The lame Mandarin is full of local sounds, but when I hear it, it is so kind. "I have to go to the Chinese department, but I don't know how to go." You stunned me for a long time. "You are from Shandong? You came by yourself?" Some questions filled your eyes [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. I nodded. You bent over and lifted one of my boxes. "Let's go together." I followed you, and for the first time, I had a lot of reliance. This is our acquaintance, although not romantic, but also coincidentally. What's more, we are all in the same joy that we are all immersed in college, most of the students use dancing and playing poker to enrich the boring time in the university, and the days go by. You are not like this, because in the small number of study rooms, you can see you every night. me too. There are many times when the father is in front of the sun in the spring, the father is going to pull the plough in front, the mother sows, and the difficult farming scenes that I have helped the plow often come to my eyes. The father's waist was bent, and his mother's white hair gave me a spur to me from time to time. I didn't dare to slack off the university's time. It seemed to be very fast, and I went to the Mid-Autumn Festival in a blink of an eye. At the gala, you have a white suit and a guitar. What you can never hope for is the expression of your guitar, so focus, then invest, as if you have already integrated into it, and I forget both. The melancholy eyes, looking at the distance in confusion, the eyes seem to carry the sorrow and grief of all life, seeing people's heartache, such as acupuncture. Along with the low guitar sound, Man Wenjun��s "Know Yourself" is resentful as a resentment. The end of the song, applause. Since then, the nickname of "The Melancholy Prince" has set you up. There are fewer boys in the Chinese department, and you are so good. The wide face, the thick black eyebrows, the one-eight-eighth, and the superb guitar acting are enough to make you the heart of most girls. Prince Charming." I am not among them. The ordinary appearance is enough to make me feel inferior in front of you. What's more, apart from reading a few more books than others, I don't have any colleges that prohibit love. Going, there are fewer and fewer people in the evening study room, and you and I are still two of those few. I remember once, I was immersed in a foreign literature, I forgot the time, I don��t know when, you have come to my side, "I��m going to turn off the lights, let��s go.�� I looked up and looked around the classroom, only to find out. There are only two of us in the big classroom. The moonlight of that night was so good, and the mottled tree shadow was sprinkled on the winding path. You sent me back to the dormitory, asked me what book to read, and talked to me about your views and opinions about the book. I can��t help but be subdued again for your talent. It seems that from that time, that twist On the trail, we will appear every night, that is, from then on, you will gradually become clear in front of me. You said that your family is in the countryside, and your parents are over half a year old. His father has fallen to the root of his backache because he is too tired. The burden of life falls on his mother's shoulder. In order to supply you to school, the family is already heavily in debt, talking and talking, your voice choked. It turns out that the same is the end of the world. I finally understood, so good, but the reason for depression. After the second year of summer school, I had to start a tutoring job to ease the burden on my family. Once a week, every Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 [url=]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. Every Saturday night, I had dinner early, took the bus, and went to class for my students. Standing in the crowded bus, looking at the leisurely urban people outside the window, some of them are walking, some are dancing fitness dance, and some are singing songs. Whenever this happens, my parents will be busy in the farmland, and the sorrow and grief will fill my heart. When I finished all my homework and dragged my tired body onto the bus, there was often only one passenger in my big car.
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09/07/2019 6:46 PM  
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