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Subject: Upgrading license
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Silver Member

09/30/2011 2:24 PM  
I have a site I host with that has a standard UVG license.
I have another site with that I would like to install UVG on.
Can I just upgrade my license to a multi-use license and then I can install UVG on any host and any site?
Or does it have to be used on the same host?

e.g. as long as I create a website for someone.. can I offer them UVG if I have a multi-use license regardless of the hosting plan they choose?

Pengtsen R

09/30/2011 8:45 PM  
the multi use license doesn't care about which host you use. instead it's limited to be used on websites directly owned and operated by same person or business entity.

so it's ok to use it on 2 websites owned by your self (or a single client of yours) which are hosted in different companies. but you cannot use it on your website and your client's website at same time.

hope that helps.


Pengtsen R
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