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Subject: License fees for FFmpeg / MPEG?
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Anne Schmidt
New Member

09/08/2011 8:57 AM  
Potential buyer here...

I have a client asking whether they might be subject to litigation related to the use of FFmpeg in UVG to create MPEG files. FFmpeg has a page ( warning commercial users that it could be forced to pay license fees by codec patent holders.

Do you have an arrangement with MPEG LA to avoid this? Or do you have some reason to suspect you are not vulnerable?

Pengtsen R

09/08/2011 10:04 AM  
From what I see on this page, it's talking about integrating ffmepg in a commercial software, so actually it's related to software developers, it should has nothing to do with end users.

MP4 copyright is a quite complicated issue, that's why the HTML 5 tag in Firefox supports ogg format. however, creating a dedicated ogg format wastes a log of time and money, so many video solutions still use mp4 as their video format.

So I don't think your client need to worry about it.


Pengtsen R
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