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Welcome to Ultra News Article

What is Ultra News Article

You may have a lot of rich html contents to publish on your DNN website, for example, blogs, travel notes, news, press releases, product release notes… you can use the core “Announcements” module installed together with DotNetNuke to publish these contents, but it’s pretty simple, if you want to extend its feature, you may need to purchase a dedicated article module, UNA is one of the best choice.

There are many article modules in the market, some of them offers a good set of basic features to manage categories and articles, so do UNA, UNA allows you to configure which roles are allowed to post articles and which roles can approve them, managers can mark a user as "trusted" so his further artilcles no longer need approval, article authors can use "My Work" feature to manage their own articles, managers can use "Expired" feature to manage expired articles and possibly republish them, beside this, UNA offers below exclusive features you never seen in other article modules:

Save as PDF : A “Save As PDF” link is available when you read an article, when click it UNA will convert the article content to Adobe PDF format and allows you to open/save it.

Google Maps extension for FCKEditor : FCKEditor is the default html editor for DotNetNuke, which allows you to edit html contents in WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get), UNA comes with an extension for FCKEditor, once you install it, you can easily add a link in your html content to specific point on google maps.

Google Ajax Search : You can use tags (keywords) to describe your articles, when your visitors read an article, UNA is able to show related contents on google with these keywords, including but not restricted to pictures, videos, news.

Flash Calendar : Similar to the calendar module in Ultra Media Gallery, the flash celandar in UNA allows you to browse all active articles in a flash movie, clicking on a day allows you to see articles of this day.

Subscribe to rss feeds : You can configure UNA to subscribe to other content vendors, and automatically pull contents from these websites to your site.

Display Templates & Color Schemes : You can fully customize the look and feed in Ultra News Article, a lot of “custom controls” are supported in the article list and article detail page, you can edit your display template to determine whether to use them, and how to organize them; Color Schemes are css styles, each template in UNA could include unlimited css styles, so you can have different look and feel even you use same template.

Muliti-pages article : Some other article modules also support multi-pages article, but it takes quite a lot steps to create them, but UNA support the Page Break command in FCKEditor, you just need to click this button to insert a new page.

What's new in version 1.1

Windows Live Writer support : Since this version, UNA supports the metaweblog api so that articles can be created and managed using WLW, please note you need to use it together with MetaPost (the community edition is free), you also can find MeatPost on snowcovered by searching for "MetaPost".

Trial version available
 The trial version is ready for download in Downloads page, you can try it before you buy!
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