Feature Highlights

UNA includes 8 modules

Complete solution : UNA comes with 1 main module and 7 satelitte modules which can be used to extend the feature of the main module, for example, UNA-Archives can be used to show month names which contain expired articles, UNA-FlashCalendar can be used to browse active articles in a flash movie, UNA-TagList can be used to show tag cloud....

One product, many use: UNA can be used in wide range of websites, you can use it to publish announcements, write blogs, or use it to publish news or product release notes ... or even use it as a RSS reader.

Import content

Import content: You can use UNA to smoothly replace your current article module, UNA allows you to import content from core Announcements module of DNNForge News Articles module, when import from "News Articles", all data including categories, articles, comments will be imported.

"Add" and "Manage" permission : You can configure which roles have "Add" permission and which roles have "Manage" permission in UNA, users who have "Add" permission will be able to add articles, users who have "Manage" permission will be able to approve articles and manage existing articles.

Tag cloud

Category support : You can create unlimited categories in each instance of UNA, You can optionally turn on the "Require Category" option so users must select a category when add articles, the "Max Categories" options allows you to set the maximum categoires an article belongs to.

Tag support : Users can enter tags to describe an article, the UNA-TagList module displays latest or most popular tags in Tag Cloud. when a visitor read an article he can click a tag to see articles with common tag.

Easily create multi-pages article

Multi-pages article: Some other article modules also allows you to add multi-pages article, but it takes quite a few steps, you need to add a new page, enter page content, then add another page ... however, UNA support the "Insert Page Break" command in FCKEditor, you can use it as page separator to easily create multi-pages article.

Google Maps integration: DotNetNuke use FCKEditor as default html editor, UNA comes with an extension for FCKEditor, once installed, you will find a new button in FCKEditor toolbar which can be used to add a link to specific location on google maps.

Save an artilce as PDF file

Save as PDF : This is another "wow!" feature, a "Save as PDF" button will be available for each article, when click it UNA will convert the article content to Adobe PDF format and allow download.

Recommend & Feature: UNA doesn't offer a rating system, but you can see a "Recommend" button for each article, your visitors can sort articles by number of recommendataions in article list, UNA even allows you to set whether to automatically mark an article as "featured" when it receives x recommendations.

Article summary : You may need a "Summary" field to in your article module to briefly introduce an entry, UNA allows you to use pure text summary, rich html summay, or disable this feature.

UNA-Search module

Search : A dedicated UNA-Search module allows you to search articles.

Lightbox: Similar to Ultra Video Gallery, you can read articles in lightbox window.

Flash Calendar

Flash calendar: The UNA-FlashCalendar module allows you to browse articles in a flash movie, you can click a highlighted date to see articles of this day.

Comments & Captcha: Site visitors can comment an article while read it, you can optionally turn on Captcha validation when anonymous user post comments.

Trust a user : Generally, an article post by normal users need to be approved by managers, by you can mark an user as "trusted", so articles from this user don't need approval.

Related staff on google

Google Ajax search: You can use tags (keywords) to describe your articles, when your visitors read an article, UNA is able to show related contents on google with these keywords, including but not restricted to pictures, videos, news.

Ajax support: UVG 3 use DNN Core ClientAPI service to provide Ajax feature in various parts of this product, which gives you more smart and cool user experience.

Profile integration: You can view the author's profile when you read his articles, the UNA-FreeArticleList module can be used together with your user profile module so you can see one's articles when you see his profile.

Template & Color schemes: You can customize our default display template as long as you have some basic html skills, each template can have multiple color schemes, which allows you to have different look and feel even you use same template.

Subscribe to rss feed on other websites

RSS Publication: UNA allows you to publish RSS feed for your articles.

Subscribe to RSS feeds: Baside the basic rss publication feature, UNA is even able to subscribe to rss feeds on other websites, and automatcially pull contents to your website, so your website can have new contents everyday even you don't write a word.

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