Ken Burn Slider with video/audio support
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  • A sample video

    A sample video

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  • A sample video from Youtube

    A sample video from Youtube

    This is the official trailer of Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol.

About this sample

Ken Burn Slider presentation


  • Reponsive / fluid layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • Nice and attractive Ken Burn effect
  • You can put images, videos, and other kind of media in single slider.
  • Support almost all kinds of medias, including embeded videos.
  • Thumbnail or bullets navigation
  • Touch support for mobile devices.
  • Tons of options to customize, download the trial version and try it by yourself.

 Ken Burn Slider is available not only a UMG presentation, but also a independent module in Slider Collection, the free extention for UMG users.

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