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Flex Events

Flex Events is our latest events management and publishing solution for DotNetNuke, it allows you to easily create one-time or recurring events and present your events in many kinds of views.

Ultra Media Gallery 9

The latest mobile-friendly TileGrid presentation is included in Ultra Media Gallery 9, TileGrid offers a attractive tile effect with deep social integration, it even allows you to see the view history of individual media.

Ultra Video Gallery 6

UVG 6.2 integrates Amazon Elastic Transcoder service, which allows you to encode and store your video in the cloud.

Customer reviews

"I have tested many products (modules) and many companies and after 6 month I can definitive say that Biz Modules Solutions has the best support and the most stable modules ..."
- Robert John (Microsoft Austria)

"This is really the best photogallery for DNN! It is serve very flexible and vast and nevertheless this way simply how nicely something can be. This software deserved the golden DNN award he will have to exist! And still is in (2009) Thanks..."

- Peter S

"Awesome. That's all I can say. I do websites for professional photographers from time to time and I've finally found the perfect portfolio viewer. I think I'll even redesign my own web portfolio using this module."

- Justin A


DotNetNure Store

All of our products can be ordered on DNN Store, which is directly operated by DotNetNuke Corporation

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